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Is Felix Y. Manalo the Worm Jacob of isaiah 41:14?


According to the Iglesia Ni Cristo's May 2001 God's Message magazine (Page 5), here is what INC Minister Tomas C. Catangay preaches:

"God's messenger as the 'worm Jacob'

Another prophecy concerning God's last messenger calls him "worm Jacob":

"Fear not, thou worm Jacob, and ye men of Israel." (Is. 41:14, King James Version)

To be compared to a worm means to be without strength and to be despised (Ps. 22:6). In fulfillment, the last messenger of God was himself without strength and was despised." -God's Message (May 2001, p5)

Amazing how INC Minister Tomas C. Catangay concludes that Felix Manalo, his last messenger, is the worm Jacob mentioned by the verse. This is another proof why the Iglesia Ni Cristo or its founder, Felix Manalo, was not given the mystery. Why? Because INC Minister Catangay exhibites the traits of one who can see but can not perceive as prescribed in Mark 4:11-12. Of course, it is clearly written and can be seen in Isaiah 41:14 the words "ye men of Israel" but INC Minister Catangay can not perceive these words. The men of Israel are the Israelites who are called by the title "worm Jacob". Instead, what INC Minister believed is the same perception of his leader that the worm Jacob is his boss---Felix Manalo. Not only did Felix Manalo had not perceived what is written but also he has stolen the wormhood title of the Israelites.

What is the proof that Felix Manalo has stolen the title of Israel? The proof lies in not having any fulfillment verse that will support the stolen prophecy. It is a well established biblical doctrine that those who are sent by God have prophecy verses as well as fulfillment verses written in the Holy Sciptures. To wit:

John the Baptist:

Prophecy verse: Isaiah 40:3
Fulfillment verse: John 1:23

Apostle Paul:

Prophecy verse: Isaiah 49:6
Fulfillment verse: Acts 13:47

Jesus Christ:

Prophecy verses: Isaiah 61:1-2
Fulfillment verses: Luke 4:18-19

How about Felix Y. Manalo? Here is how INC Minister Catangay presents the calling of Felix Y. Manalo:

Prophecy verse: Isaiah 41:14
Fulfillment verse: None---only the mouthing of INC Minister Catangay as follows: "IN FULFILLMENT, THE LAST MESSENGER OF GOD WAS HIMSELF WITHOUT STRENGTH AND WAS DESPISED."

My gosh! Felix Y. Manalo is a FAKE MESSENGER OF GOD as exposed by INC Minister Catangay. The Isaiah 41:14 prophecy does not belong to Felix Manalo because Felix Manalo does not have any fulfillment verse to support it. Felix Manalo, therefore, had stolen the prophecy from the Israelites! Can a thief become a messenger of God? Or, for that matter, be rewarded by God for stealing something that belonged to somebody? Let us read the Holy Scriptures:

"Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God." -1 Cor. 6:9-10 NKJV

Is thievery included in the above mentioned verses? Absolutely. Clearly, the verse says: "NOR THIEVES". Therefore, Felix Y. Manalo cannot be a messenger of God because he is a prophecy thief. Will Felix Manalo receive a reward from God for thievery? Yes--a reward of being barred from the kingdom of God. If Felix Manalo is not a messenger of God, naturally, he is a messenger of somebody else other than God. The guess of anybody is as good as anyone's guess--He is a messenger of the Devil.


Now that we know that Felix Y. Manalo is not the worm Jacob, I am sure the defenders of the Iglesia Ni Cristo will once again create a stir in this board. Probably, they will shout with their lungs, "JERRY, HOW DARE YOU CALL OUR FELIX MANALO IS NOT A WORM? TO US HE IS A WORM, YOU LIKE IT OR NOT...A WORM... A WORM... A WORM...GOT THAT JERRY? OUR FELIX MANALO IS A WORM!"

Okay, okay, if you members of the Iglesia insist that Felix Y. Manalo is a worm, who am I to stop you from believing? Only that, if Felix Manalo is a worm, we should classify him as to what kind of worm he is. We have to identify what type of worm Felix is because there are three kinds of worms in the bible: A-symbolic worm, B-biblical worm, and C-literal worm. The symbolic worm belongs to those people who are forsaken by God as what can be read in Psalm 22:6,1. The biblical worms pertain to the baggages or attributes that prevent anyone from gaining life as mentioned in Matthew 9:43-48. The literal worm is one of the worms that had eaten King Herod alive in Acts 12:23.

Let's do a little multiple choice selection here as to which kind of worm Felix Manalo belongs. Either A, B, or C. Let us first consider Choice A which is the symbolic worm referring to those people forsaken by God. Oops, sorry, this is a hot potato, let's drop this choice for the moment because the Iglesia might get mad if we allude any inference that Felix Manalo is forsaken by God. How about Choice B? Well, we may say that Felix Manalo had some baggages that prevents him from attaining eternal life (such as lying and taking advantages of the wives of brethren), but, this choice should be dropped out because the Iglesia maintains that the wormhood of Felix is a calling or office, therefore, his character is not the issue. How about Choice C, the last choice which is the literal worm that had eaten King Herod alive? Well, Choice C is a viable answer as well as Choice A. Which is the correct answer? In order to avoid partiality, we should go to this route----MI NI MI NI MY NI YO MO! Ahah, the answer is Choice C--Felix is the literal worm!

Let's have a poll here.

To you the reader, do you think there is a connection or relationship between the way the Iglesia members are being treated alive by the INC and the calling of Worm Felix?

( )YES.

( )NO.