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The Mystery of the Seven Seals


According to INC doctrines, the Christian era is divided into seven seals or time frames as recorded in the book of Revelation. The INC further claims that the end of the sixth seal and the beggining of the seventh seal coincides with 1914, at the start of the First World War. This claim has no foundation whatsoever when one begins to raise the following issues:

  1. The INC has to prove first that the events described in the first seal up to the sixth seal have already taken place. Surely they had to happen first before the events described by the INC happening at the start of the seventh seal could materialized first.

  2. The INC has to enumerate what happened during the first seal and up to the sixth seal and the time frame those events took place. When did the first seal started and when did it end? And so on and so forth until the sixth seal.

As you can see in this board, the INC defenders and apologists could not come out with a rational response, let alone a smart rebuttal when confronted with damming issues that blow a gapping hole about the claim the Felix Manalo was the Angel described in Revelation 7:2-3. They can try but the more they attempt to drive their point, the more this doctine of "Angel from the East" sinks into the lake of lies.



Brother Felix Manalo had proven that the first six seals or periods of the Christian era had already passed. He taught these things to the Church and anyone's ignorance about them is not our fault. Anyway, a brief summary is given here.

When the first four seals were opened, the four horsemen were seen, one in each seal (cf.Rev.6:18). The first horse and its rider, seen when the first seal was opened, signifies the Church in the first century and Christ. The first seal, therefore, is the beginning of the Christian era at the time of Christ and the apostles.

The second horsemen riding a red horse, seen when the second seal was opened, symbolizes the false prophets who led the apostasy of the Christian Church and its transformation into the Catholic Church. Hence, the second seal is the period of apostasy.

The black horse and its rider, seen at the opening of the third seal prefigure the further corruption of the Christian faith at the hands of those whom the Bible calls "wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever"(cf.Jude 1:13). These were the Protestant preachers who emerged in the reformation period.

The horsemen, seen as the fourth seal was opened, indicates the continued spread and expansion of the Catholic Church the extent of whose power had reached over a fourth of the earth.

When the fifth seal was opened (cf.Rev.6:9), the souls of those slain by the apostate church asking to be avenged, were seen. But they shall not be avenged until Judgment Day comes.

The opening of the sixth seal is followed by a great earthquake, the darkening of the sun and the moon and the falling of the stars (cf.Rev.6:12-13). These events occurred in the 18th & 19th centuries. The great earthquake occurred in Lisbon in 1755, the darkening of the sun and the moon in 1780 and the falling of the stars in 1833.

At the end of the sixth seal, which also signals the beginning of the seventh seal, the heavens were departed which caused the hiding of all kinds of men in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains (cf.Rev.6:14-17). The departing of the heaven that caused this was the great war that broke out in 1914. This war is also symbolized in the prophecy as the winds that were later seen being held by the four angels (cf.Rev.7:1;Jer.4:11-12, 19). The end of the sixth seal which is also beginning of the seventh seal is what is also referred to in Bible prophecies as the "ends of the earth."

Fifth Seal

It is the INC's teaching that the souls of the saints are not yet in heaven.

Read the Fifth Seal (Revelation 6:9)

“When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained.”

If the 6th seal happened in 1914, then the souls of the saints are already in heaven. Right?

Big Contradiction!