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Comments on the
ordination of Bro. Felix Manalo

(servant) The laying of hands is an explicit approval of the person to preach or teach. It's a given that the person laying the hands [pastor or priests] has beliefs that are similar. Otherwise,why would anyone lay hands on the person.

To wit, RCC and Protestants believe in the Deity of Christ. That is a fundamental belief. If any Protestant pastor lays hand on someone, that person [hands laid on] must believe the same doctrine. There is no debate on this issue among Protestants.

There have been questions with regards to when the Christ is man was teached. Speculations abound as to when the heresy started. We have an implicit proof that in 1918 Manalo was not teaching this heresy. The pastors would not have approved of him. THAT'S IS A SIMPLE FACT. NOT FICTION FOLKS AND FRIENDS FROM THE INC.

BS, whoever helped you wrote the respond, let them know that it's pure rubbish. Actually, I will treasure it since my relatives always maintained the FYM taught against the Deity of Christ from the beginning. In fact, that's how they validate the claim that Manalo taught the true gospel because from the beginning, He did not believe or teach Jesus is God.

thank you BS for your help in proving the inconsitency of INC claims.

(mizrah) Are you saying the Protestants who ordained F. Manalo invited themselves? If so, Felix Manalo should have discouraged them. (In tagalog, its called "pakikipamatok sa sanlibutan").

(bible student) Why would Bro. Felix discourage them from recognizing his ability to preach?

(mizrah) Why would he not discourage them? Your basic INC doctrine is "huwag makipamatok sa sanlibutan" And Felix Manalo did exactly like that. So? What is your problem? The INC leader is exempted from its own rules

The INC has been telling its members not to mingle with the non INC's but its apparent that its founder did exactly like that. (Hindi lang nakipamatok, nagpapatong pa). He not only mingled, he allowed himself to be "ordained"?

(winsurfer) That is what I would call HYPOCRISY!

(bible student) Are you up to the challenge? Why di Christ not reveal that he was the Messiah at the beginning of His ministry?

(mizrah) Another divertion from the original subject The INC style of responding is contangious indeed.

(winsurfer) Have you NO SHAME ? You have the NERVE to compare Felix Manalo with our Lord Jesus Christ? Manginig ka Bible Student! You should tremble with fear Bible Student! Jesus Christ was not a HYPOCRITE like FYM! Jesus Christ was not a LEECH like FYM! Jesus Christ was not a LIAR like FYM! Jesus Christ did not reveal that He was the Messiah for some time because IT WAS NOT YET TIME! FYM on the other hand was in a TIGHT FIX, that is why he had to INVENT that he was an ANGEL kuno! Jesus Christ is INCOMPARABLE to anybody and MORE SO to a hypocritical liar like Felix Ysagun Manalo!

(bible student) The Church was never meant to live on an island in seclusion. Member MUST associate with those of other faiths in order to share the truth of the INC. How can we invite people if we do not associate with them. Your understanding about the INC is wrong.

(winsurfer) However you look at it Felix Manalo was either a HYPOCRITE, a LEECH (SipSip) or a WHACKO! He knew very well that the teachings of the Catholics and the Protestants were CONTRARY to his beliefs. Why would he let "associates of the devil" ORDAIN him? I agree it is okay to associate or mingle with "non-believers" in the hope of converting them but ... LETTING them ORDAIN him is a different story. The way it looks. It is as if Felix Manalo SUBMITS to the AUTHORITY of the Catholics and the Protestants and by doing so ALSO submits to their teachings and beliefs. Now, isn't that a COMPLETELY CRAZY story or what?

(bible student) Bro. Felix NEVER submitted to any religous authority except for God. That is just your imagination!! Nothing wrong with being honored or recognized by other in the same field as you. If another church honored the Pope you would be pleased , wouldn't you?

(kirk) Honor - Yes! Ordain - No!

(winsurfer) Giving Honor is ONE thing Accepting the Honor is ANOTHER! I don't think our Pope would accept honor from the Church of Satan. If FYM considered Catholics and Protestants as followers of the devil, why would he accept honor and let himself be ORDAINED? I think he is CRAZY!

(mizrah) I agree with you CCOG Felix Manalo did indeed commit a real blunder. Now, the whole world knows.

(flaming sword) mizrah, don't forget why should he be ordained by them since he was ordained as a messenger of God. Those who have no authority and are FALSE PROPHETS--didn't God tell him they are false preacher, why wait so long to reveal that B.S.? You know why? because he didn't consider them false or wrong religions--Oh yea, God didn't tell him, yet!

(felix matalo) "Bro. Felix Neversubmitted to any religous authority except for God." said BS. I'm wondering how did these Satanists ordained Manalo was he kneeling with closed eyes? hehehe. Are there pictures available?

(flaming sword) Your right about that Felix Matalo...he didn't consider himself a messenger yet. What messenger of God would get on his knees and be ordained by those who don't have the authority or as he called them "Ministers of Satan"--but they ordained him--so now what--where does his authority come from?

I would like very much for the INC administration to explain this one. Maybe there is a logical answer, who knows?

One of the members of the INC I know, showed me a page out of the Bible history book they use. This page explained

about the award he received in 1918, but it said nothing about him being ordained by the Protestant pastors. Why did the INC leave this important part out?

(saducces) At that time of his ordination, FYM had not yet discovered those verses he would someday claim to

belong to him. Or maybe, right after his ordination, his collegues sent him to America to study their


(kirk) 1 Timothy 5:22 Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure.

2 Timothy 1:6-7 For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

(rs) May our Lord God forgive FYM for his mistake! he allowed himself to be annointed by the Catholic priest and protestant pastors who are ministers of SATAN!

(saleem) I can't see why you're disowning that act when it is being used by most ministers to claim the right of Manalo to head your sect.

In an invitation from the INC in December, 1918, the following could be read:

"Mapitagan naming inaanyayahan ang inyong kamahalan sa gaganaping pagdiriwang ukol sa PAGPAPASALAMAT sanhi sa ika LIMANG TAONG BUHAY ng "IGLESIA NI KRISTO" sa Pilipinas at PAGPAPATONG NG KAMAY sa kapatid na Felix Manalo sa tungkuling pagka Pastor at Tagapamahala ng Iglesia. Ito'y idaraaos sa Sine "Gloria" blg. 1649 daang Sande, Tundo, (Maynila) sa ika 25 ng Disyembre ng taong ito sa ganap na ika walo ng umaga (8:00 a.m.) ng nasabing araw.


TRANSLATION: "You are cordially invited to a celebration for THANKSGIVING for the FIVE YEARS OF EXISTENCE of "IGLESIA NI KRISTO" in the Philippines and the ANNOINTING of Brother Felix Manalo as Pastor and Administrator of the Church. This will be held at the Sine "Gloria" building, 1649 Sande St., Tondo, Manila on the 25th of December of this year at 8:00 AM.


If you disown Felix Manalo's actions by having himself annointed, Felix Manalo would lose his right to lead the INC, as preached by many INC ministers.

(rs) i disowned the annointment made by the ministers of SATAN but not the ordination made by God. anyway, what's your problem: even Apostle Peter, your so-called first pope, was called 'SATAN' by no less than Jesus, himself. if we follow the logic used here, it will come out that your first pope and the stone in which your church was built is SATAN.

(felix matalo) You mean to say that God ordained your angel through SATAN? hmmmm sounds suspicious.

(rs) God ordained FYM through the prophesies all i'm saying is that the logic used here is again questionable. why? if you apply the same logic to Apostle Peter who was called 'SATAN' by no less than Jesus himself, it will come out that the first pope and the rock upon which the RCC was built is SATAN!

(saleem) I still hear some defenders use this event (annointing) when confronted with who ordained Manalo to preach. Anyway, if you're one of those who don't agree with them, then I respect that. By the way, the context in which 'Satan' was used to rebuke Peter for preventing what was appointed to happen. I'm not sure if you consider Peter a minister of Satan, but if you do, then I don't have anything more to say.

(rs) i don't consider Peter as Satan, it's just a result of certain event, a mistake on the part of peter, which was corrected later.

(felix matalo) SO YOU ADMIT THAT HE IS A MISTAKE! If he is an Angel in 1914 why did he commit said mistake in 1918? Or was it only during the Ora apostasy that he invented his Angel theory to control his followers to submission. Sounds like Manalo did make bola bola or uto uto or make guyo all of you. (smirk)

(rs) FYM is not God. He made mistakes but not on doctrines. The greatest deceiver is the beast, the 666. take note that it is in the bible.

(felix matalo) So you admit that he is a liar? What was his purpose? Why did he lie? Can't you see why? TO DECEIVE YOU! So you also admit that the PASUGO has many lies in it? Why did the Pasugo lie? What was the purpose? TO DECEIVE YOU! KAPATID, YOU HAVE BEEN CONNED! How can you say that he cannot commit mistakes in terms of doctrines when in the First Place he was very dishonest. Remember that he studied in PSR in the states? Also di ba he said that only the members of INC will be saved? Di ba he was not baptised does this mean that he is now swimming in lakes of fire?