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Commentary on Rev. 14:9

(felix matalo) If Martin Luther is the 2nd Angel then the TRINITY must be true after all for he believes in the HOLY TRINITY!

(newearth) What is your proof that Martin Luther still believed in your "HOLY TRINITY" after He exposed the falsehood of the Catholic doctrine and characterizing THE SEAT OF THE PAPACY AS A DEVIL'S NEST?

(felix matalo) SEE MANALO DID NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW IT!!! Manalo did not want you to know that the second Angel believes in the HOLY TRINITY! The INC just said that Luther is the second angel and never mentioned that he believes in the HOLY TRINITY. WHY??? because many questions will arise once this will be known by the poor recruits.

(saleem) Sermon for Trinity Sunday; John 3:1-15 A Sermon by Martin Luther; taken from his Church Postil, 1522. This clearly shows that Martin Luther believes in the Trinity. The Holy Trinity

(newearth) OK, SO WHAT IS YOUR POINT? The question is did Martin Luther fulfill the prophesy or not? Was it not Martin Luther who became instrumental in the falling down of what the Bible desribed as BABYLON or the APOSTATE CHURCH? Was it not Martin Luther who caused the great division of the so called Christianity in to NORTH - PROTESTANTISM AND SOUTH - CATHOLICISM?

(saleem) The point is since you claim he is God's messenger, and yet you claim does not preach the truth. Or at least if he teaches some truth, you don't believe it at all. How can he be your messenger at all if you don't agree with his message? Weren't you the one who said that if someone is God's messenger, he must speak the truth? You said before: "How could Bro. FYM declare the message of God if he doesn't have the truth? The message of God is the truth and thats what he declared." Now, since you believe that a messenger of God can speak of false doctrines, then, Felix Manalo may might as well do that. So much for INC being the true Church.

(newearth) NOT ALL GODS MESSENGERS were sent sent to preach. How about King Cyrus of Persia a Pagan King, God sent him to free the Israelites from Babylon. Did he preach? No, the bible said King Cyrus didnot even know God.

(saleem) My queastion was why does Martin Luther preach things that are opposite to what Felix Manalo preached while they are both considered Messengers? Which one would you believe? Don't drag Cyrus into the picture because he did not Preach Arius or the Trinity, or the divinity or non-divinity of God.

(newearth) God did not send Martin Luther to preach the true Gospel. He was sent to proclaim who the Bible calls Babylon and to be instrumental in the falling down of Babylon the apostate Church. Which he did.

(saleem) Still, a messenger of God who speaks against God? How is that possible? Isn't it that a messenger brings message? And a messenger of God brings message from God?

(newearth) Not all God's messengers have the same task to do. They were given different function to perform as proven by those who were sent by God in the past like King Cyrus and the 4-angels in the book of revelation. God uses both those who are inside his nation and those who are outside for his will to be done here on earth.

(saleem) Still, how can God's messenger speak against God? If that can happen, then Felix Manalo is also capable of doing that.

(newearth) Bro. Felix Manalo did exactly what He was told to do. And that is to seal the servants of God (Rev.7:2,3) and (Eph.1:13) with the Holy Spirit by the preaching the word of truth, the gospel of salvation. And to bring out those who became captives of Babylon or the apostate Church who were given a mark on their right hand and on their forehead.

(saleem) Oh, wasn't that done by the first angel?

Revelations 14:6

Then I saw another angel flying high overhead, with

everlasting good news to announce to those who dwell on earth, to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people.

And that the third angel's task was to announce what is to happen to the ungodly and not to preach the gospel?:

A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice,

"Anyone who worships the beast or its image, or accepts its mark on forehead or hand, will also drink the wine of God's fury, poured full strength into the cup of his wrath, and will be tormented in burning sulfur before the holy angels and before the Lamb."

And that the second angel also heralds a message from God and also therefore brings nothing but truth?

Did the bible say "and the second angel announced babylons fall but preached false doctrines"?

I think you got your interpretations twisted.