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The INC Angel Doctrine (Again)


Here are some facts I distilled from previous posts about the INC Angel Doctrine.

  • The INC tells us that WINDS = WAR in Rev 7:1-3.

  • The INC tells us that the TREES, EARTH and SEA will not be destroyed until the "sealing" is complete.

  • The INC tells us that "God did not allow the earth to be hurt by the two World Wars so that his work of salvation will be able continue."

Okay, lets take a closer look at this prophecy and the historical sequence of events: Rev 7:2 "And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, TO WHOM IT WAS GIVEN to hurt the earth and the sea,"

Rev 7:2 CLEARLY STATES that the FOUR ANGELS are the APPOINTED ones who will harm the Trees, Earth and Sea by unleashing what? THE FOUR WINDS.

Again, what are WINDS according to the INC?


Now, the INC tell us that the WINDS being held by the Four Angels were RELEASED because "The half an hour silence" of Rev. 8:1 needed to be fulfilled.

According to the INC, The "half an hour silence" is in reference to the period of peace between the end of WWI and start of WWII.

In short, the INC tells us that the WIND of WWII was released.

What was to be accomplished BEFORE the "half an hour silence" was broken?

Rev. 7:3 Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, TILL we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

Q. Who was given the power to hurt the earth, sea and trees?
A. The Four Angels.

Q. Who are the Four Angels according to the INC?

Q. According to prophecy, what will these angels use to harm the earth, trees and sea after the sealing is complete?

Q. What are WINDS according to the INC?

Q. Was A WIND released in Rev. 8:1?
A. According to the INC, yes, the WIND of WWII was released.

Rev. 7:3 tells us that the WINDS will NOT be released until all servants are sealed.

So what does it all mean?

That means anyone who was supposedly "sealed" into the INC AFTER 1939(start of WWII), ARE NOT SAVED! The WINDS of WWII shattered the "half an hour silence" of Rev. 8:1 since the "sealing" of Rev. 7:3 was apparently complete.

The INC attempt to explain away the incongruities of historical sequence and prophecy that the WINDS of WWI and WWII didn't hurt the earth, trees and sea because "We still have the earth, our beautiful seas and the trees abounding around us." Let me ask you this INC defenders, what are these Angels gonna use to harm the trees, earth and sea if it is not WAR?

The INC fail to remember that the Angel from the East tells the Four Angels not to harm one grain of sand, one green leaf or even one drop of the seas before the sealing is complete.

With the start of WWII, harm certainly was unleashed in the form of the most horrific instrument ever unleashed on mankind....the atomic bomb! Was the EARTH, TREES and SEAS harmed? History will answer in the affirmative on that.

Furthermore, another dilemma that the INC face is that the prophecy states that the FOUR ANGELS are the ones given the power to harm the earth, trees and sea. Now, if the INC backtrack and tell us that the WIND is still being held, then prophecy tells us that these same FOUR Angels are the people who will unleash the WINDS of this prophecy. That will never happen since they are all DEAD!

Further-furthermore, if these FOUR ANGELS were to shatter the silence of Rev. 8:1 by letting the WINDS blow, history tells us that the BIG FOUR had nothing to do with the advent of WWII.

* * *
(novakam) Totus: the INC defenders do not have the guts to validly respond to your post They will refuse to believe any argument that Felix Manalo lied, their minds have been totally rendered incapable of understanding facts from fiction when it comes to those alleged prophecies regarding the INC and its late founder, Mr. Felix Manalo. Time and time again, this angel doctrine has been validly proven to be false and should be flushed into the sewer of rotten and false claims. A liar would certainly not admit he is lying even though he is caught lying in most cases - and this is typical of a fanatic who has been brainwashed beyond relief.
* * *

(newearth) ANSWERS to questions regarding Rev. 7:1,2 & 3

***Q...In Rev.7:2, The Angel cried with a loud voice to the four Angels, "..hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees...." Is this literal or symbolic?

***A...It is symbolic, similar to John the Baptist prophesy "a voice crying in the wildernes."

***Q...Are the four Angels (Big Four) still holding the winds or war?

***A...No, it was released, hence the 2nd World War.

***Q...Why was it released?

***A...Because there was another prophesy that follows it. The half an hour silence and this must be fulfilled also.

***Q...The Angel said in Rev.7:2,3 "..Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads." Therefore it follows that the sealing is finished. Is that right?

***A...No, that is a misunderstanding of the verse. When the Angel said that, the 1st World War already happened as indicated in Rev. 6:14,15,16 & 17. It was stopped by the Big Four. The fact that the Angel said "Hurt not the Earth..." proves that the War did not hurt the earth, the sea and the trees. Because if they were already hurt, why would the Angel say HURT NOT? It will make no sense.

***Q...The 2nd World War broke out. May be the earth, the sea and the trees were hurt this time?

***A...No, they were not. We still have the earth, our beutiful seas and the trees abounding around us.

***Q...Until when will the sealing continue?

***A...The Angel said, until we have sealed the servants of our God. Therefore all the servants must be sealed or hear the true Gospel.

***Q...When will be the end of the sealing?

***A...The sealing will end at the second coming of Jesus Christ or on Judgement Day.

If after reading this post, still you have questions regarding the above topic, please direct your questions to the ministers of the Iglesia ni Cristo in the locale nearest your place.

(lumpen) One lie is more than enough. The angel theory or "angel fantasy" is the biggest bad joke the INC has ever claimed so far. Do you think an INC defender is here to know the truth? Most likely, he or she is here to defend a lie by all means possible? And what is that lie? The lie that Felix Manalo was an angel? Where the INC lied on this one, its entire credibility has been severely damaged.