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(felix matalo) can you tell me why your official website at is not open to the public? Is the INC hiding something and afraid that the false doctrines that it is teaching be put to scrutiny?

(pilosopo) Don't you understand it is only for members? The first thing that you should do is to join the Iglesia Ni Cristo first so you could get into the website. Now if you're ready to leave devilism, I mean your former church, then you shall surely win, and will not remain as a loser which your cyber name implies.

(felix matalo) Ad Hominem. Fallacious argument is very very deep rooted in every INC member. Tsk, you should rectify your name pilosopo sayang pangalan mo dito . I will not give up the true church which Jesus founded just for the sake of gaining access to a website by a second (or third) rate trying hard copy cat cult. INC cannot put up a website because the administration (read as Manalo) is afraid to show the world how incosistent, laughable, fake, deceiving, stupid, false and absurd their teachings are. Aber, what other reasons they can give why they don't have an official site accessible to the public. Smile Pilosopo and say Hi to ETE.

(lumpen) I defenitely agree with you Felix. The INC leadership doesnt have the balls to let the public gain access to its site. Why? It lacks the confidence that its doctrines and false claims would stand in the face of public scrutiny. Repeat, I did not say, it has little confidence. I said it lacks any confidence at all to defend its false claims.

(pilosopo) Witholding information? Come on, give me a break! The INC's teachings and doctrines are public to everybody. Everyday, all over the world, people are being introduced to our teachings. Everyday, we have radio programs, television programs, everyday members all over the world are inviting people to listen to the biblical teachings. What is this stupid claim by lumpen and felix matalo that the INC could defend publicly its teachings? Try to come out to the open and post your challenge to the ministers of the INC to have a debate with you publicly and let's see who's coward and are trying to avoid public embarassment. If you think that the two of you are credible to represent your church, let's do it publicly! ETE will be waiting for your move. If you're not ready, shut up your loud mouth and relegate yourselves to the deepest part of hell! Thanks for the misinformation you're sowing regarding the INC. May the devil bless your soul to be his forever more.

(jasbir) You are correct. FYM was ordained by the ministers of Satan according to your Pasugo. Does INC website mention this, too? Or is it witholding this information? Please explain.

(ete) What's wrong on his statements? Nothing. He's just telling the truth! The devil is so cunning, so we need to take safety pre-caution in all things. Is he your Father?

(felix matalo) Tell me ETE what is the truth? You are right, "the devil is so cunning, so we need to take safety precaution in all things." But you don't know the truth ETE, the truth is the devil used Manalo and that you are inside a church founded by a man whose father is the father of all lies. (hope this is not so complicated for you to understand). So can you put up a website where your doctrines are shown? Come on ETE don't you have the courage to put your faith (false) to scrutiny by the whole world.

(kein) If the INC believe that it has the truth why cant it make its website available to all people from all nationalities? Maybe, it is not that confident at all? Maybe the leadership is so nervous that people would study its claims and doctrines and would eventually find out that those claims are ridiculous?

(jasbir) INC's website is just for a show to its members. It's not for "hungry wolves" to scrutinize as one member once posted.

(kein) If non-inc would be allowed that could spell doom to the cult's personality. This cult lacks the courage to open its site to non-members because it knows too well that in a written forum like this, the cult's teachings and claims could be demolished with impunity.

(bible student) The INC is not "hiding" anything. This is evidenced by our missionary works to introduce more people to the Church. I think that the reason the website is for members only is because it has several discussion boards and the INC does not want people posting lies there. I am not sure this is the reason, it is only my guess. No doctrines are posted there, so no doctrines are being "hidden".

(felix matalo) THEN PUT UP A WEBSITE!!! Not hiding anything huh, then why is the INC afraid of putting up a website? Tell your ministers to construct one and be quick or else we will conclude that INC is indeed afraid to put its false doctrines into scrutiny.

(forbidden) It's no use! and that's nonsense! how do u think people like u react if u found out that inc has an official website that's very open to the public. and to worsen it all, post lies and hoaxes and intrigues right there in the web. so why do u expect that the inc would reply to your caprices? inc thinks of a better way, not the worse or the worst ways clinging in the back of your heads. inc is very aware that the wolves are out there, just waiting for the right time to devour the lambs. but sad to say, your time will never come... because we are with God... and every time we are out there, or in here at the net, we know that He is guiding us. and mind you, there are lots of ways to reach the people with God's words, the net is just an alternative, missionary acts of the brethrens make it enough for inc to survive the hardships that u deliver to us...

(francisco) "What is so inherently wrong with having a website?" Reality today started with door to door, radios, television, now the internet... It's all about perception...its very simple, whenver anyone or an organization doesn't "reveal" itself as transparently as possible, questions arise... And the reality is, "in the vacuum of NO INFORMATION, rumours, lies, hoaxes become URBAND LEGENDS."

That's what's occurring now. The INC leadership is "perceived" as hiding itself from scruitiny from its detractors. This CREATES MORE negative misconceptions. As it is now the INC leadership has no "rebuttal" information. Keep in mind, rebuttal doesn't have to convince the other party "beyond a reasonable doubt," but at least, there is a rebuttal that shows "why".

As it is now, you and our other INC friends on this board are fending for themselves. Therefore, let me give you some examples of some sites from denominations that have been metioned on this board.

It provides the reader/detractor/supporter FIRM information and therefore MINIMIZES misconceptions.

(forbidden) there are many sites u can find on the net, pertaining to inc. these sites were made by locales, districts, and even members. most of these sites are owned by members, and of course, its purpose is to uppdate the members of the news and infos about the inc. in the basis of having an official website, isn't that the inc have a number of email addresses? the may not be open to the public, but it is open to the members. and every member is entitled for a password. that means, we are protecting the integrity of the site, and we don't want that site to be ruined by devouring wolves like you. we all know that the devil seeks for the easiest way to destroy. the inc is protecting the members, as well as the whole organization by having them segragated from the many.

(felix matalo) Many sites? Can you give me one that talks about the doctrine of the INC? Can you give me one that talks about the official teaching of the INC? Wala di ba The sites of the INC members are nothing but very superficial personal sites. Look at the site of the number one critic of Manalo at -- that's an example of a website go to and you will see the official stand of the church. Look at the INC, wala di ba? If the INC is what it claims to be, then it should not be afraid to post online it's official teachings. You said that you don't want to be ruined by devouring wolves like us, remember the Pasugo said that Jesus will not allow you to be snatched away from HIM. But I know your post is not an official stand of the INC right?

(lumpen) To allow everyone access to the INC site would give the members the information on valid issues that would surely bring down the cult's aura of legitimacy. Imagine members reading the "ordination of FYM" or the "angel hoax", to name a few. The INC has much to lose if it allows the public complete access to its website and that the INC cannot afford such since by this time, its leadership knows too well that the very foundation of its claims are nothing more than lies.

(forbideen) is your statement a fact or just merely a product of man's mind and imagination? that is not the true reason why inc don't want to open its website to the public. and i know every inc knows that. but it's not your concern anymore, right? if it's not open to all of you, then it's not. just don't make any spam about it, we know you're just dead jealous of the inc's pedestal right now... we'll let you think of the worst for the mean time, but i assure you, the last laugh would be ours...

(vin) i'd have to say, a fact indeed... let me to start off sharing my view on the whole INC issues. inc members are not the enemy. in reality, they are the victims, victims to manalo's deceptions. to me personally, it doen'st matter whether or not INC posts up an official website. why? the most important INC doctrine is already known and proven false. incase you don't know which doctrine this is, its the ANGEL DOCTRINE. the doctrine concerning felix manalo emerging from the east and all that matter. read up on it if you dare. but before you do, ask God to reveal to you the truth. you'll even want to look at the forums here concerning this doctrine on this website. i'm sure there's plenty here willing to help on this subject. inc's foundation is based on the manalo doctrine. without it, all credibility and authority is stript. don't take my message very hard, i'm just pointing you to reexamine or look at that doctrine.