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30 Lessons

The 30 lessons an indoctrinee is required to finish before being baptized.

  1. The Proper Way of Serving our lord god.

  2. The Authorities proving the Teachings of the Church of Christ.

  3. How can we obtain Salvation on Judgement Day

  4. Man Needs the Church Of Christ for their Salvation

  5. The true Baptism

  6. The Words of God as written in the Bible

  7. The True God who should be Worshipped

  8. Complete Faith in God

  9. Our Lord Jesus Christ Commands that whoever wants to be saved, MUST join the church of Christ.

  10. The proper way of joining the Church Of Christ

  11. The Attributes of Jesus Christ and his True Nature

  12. The Distinction of our Lord God and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  13. Obligation of the members of the Church of Christ to lead a New Life.

  14. It is the responsibility of the COC members, to attend the worship services on the Days set down.

  15. Brotherhood within the COC.

  16. The Two prohibitions of the COC
    • The Eating of Blood
    • Marring outside the church

  17. Offerings

  18. Sharing our faith with those outside the church

  19. Assuring that your name is in the Book of life, Abiding in the church

  20. Unity We Observe in the COC.

  21. On Judgement Day, there will be a resurrection and inheritance of Gods People.

  22. Things to do after Baptism

  23. Why there are strict rules and requirements for those who want to become members of the COC.

  24. Why most of us have been Raised in the Catholic Church and not the INC

  25. The Teachings of God, that the Catholic Church turned away from

  26. Teachings of the Catholic Church that is disapproved of, by the Bible.

  27. Salvation cannot be attained by Faith Alone.

  28. SteadFast and Firm

  29. Persecutions as members of COC

  30. The Last lesson was a Review of all the previous lessons